For Our Readers: All About Our Blog

Hey Readers! We are the “The 1999 Squad”. Obviously we’re new and of course the best way to start a blog is to have a little background about it. So if you want to know something, then continue reading!

Here it is:
1. Girl Power

Yes, you heard it right! People behind this blog are all girls (10 slaying girls to be specific) namely: Aira, Andrea, Ashley, Ayhe, Baba, Crisa, Dawn, Julie, Lianne and Lilian. 

We are pleased to meet you! 

2.The History of the Name “The 1999 Squad”

Ever wonder how we came up with that name? Well, obviously like other bloggers, we also had conflict in choosing the perfect name for our blog. We also set standards for it like :

Ayoko ba’man ng magandang pangalan, gusto ko kakaiba.”

“Maganda kung tumblrish yung name natin.”

“Gamit tayo ng figurative sa name natin.” 

Like girl, we’ve already gone crazy just choosing the right words to combine. Then, since most of us were born during 1999, I ended up suggesting “the1999squad”, unexpectedly they agreed but we would still want to add some flowery words in it like: wonder, rosy, clique and I even made it “the 1999 squad department” (girl what was that? Lol). But in the end, we decided to keep it just like that, because we find it somehow authentic. Girl, SIMPLICITY IS BEAUTY.

P.S.- The name might be temporary. We’re still in search for the perfect name of our blog.

3. What to Expect from Our Blog

Honestly, the reason we made this blog site is to have a unique bond, obviously through writing. We agreed to write random topics. You might want to expect fashion blogs, food blogs, tips, advice, travels, personal articles, poems, reviews, etc., we don’t know yet but we’re looking forward to it. 

That’s it! Just a short introduction and background about our new blog site. 

Can’t wait to write with my girls!

– Dawn 👑

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